How our products are helping people FEEL GOOD!

“I’m in my 50’s, I have MS and suffer from many symptoms. I started using The Feel Good Factory Lotion and Vape Product every day. It has dramatically reduced my pain and depression. It has been a lifesaver”

Bob, South Florida


“As an injured U.S. Military Veteran I suffered with many physical pains, I’m only in my 30’s and was concerned about taking so many prescription meds. I regularly use The Feel Good Factory Lotion & massage oil and my pains have decreased radically. I’m no longer taking as many medications and I feel great!”

Mike, New York


“I’ve had difficult to control diabetes for over 25 years, I’m disabled due to severe orthopedic problems & I’m a breast cancer survivor. Needless to say, I have chronic pain throughout my body. The Feel Good Factory Lotion has changed my life, I use it every morning and it gives me the relief I need to start my day. I use it again before bed which allows me to have hours of comfortable, pain free sleep!”

Karen, Eastern Long Island


“Before finding The Feel Good Factory products I had literally tried every lotion on the market, searching for something that would help my dry, cracked skin. Miraculously, The FGF Lotion has allowed my skin to heal. I apply it every night before be& it also helps me sleep soundly & wake up refreshed!”

Sunny, Orange County


“Its hard to try new products, but I completely trust this company. My mom has bad leg pain due to sciatica and arthritis in her knees, and I have it in my knees as well. We both use the lotion at night and it instantly relieves the pain”

Tammy, Long Island, NY