Quality Assurance

At Fox Tail Distribution, we mix unmatched cleanliness and good manufacturing practices with the most personalized service you will ever receive from a lab.


If you wish, we encourage you to be as involved as you’d like in your product development.


You and your team can safely watch your products being processed and packaged, assuring the quality meets your standards.

We have created & produced hundreds of products you know and love for national and international companies. Our passion and commitment to excellence shines through every product we create. In addition, our masterful design and branding team is responsible for innovative packaging that is recognized and awarded worldwide. We will work with you to bring your vision to life in a way that retailers and end users will love.

Fox Tail Distribution

Suppliers and Vendors

Fox Tail Distro works with the best suppliers and vendors, worldwide. We offer you a value many others cannot. Whether you are looking for curated small quantity runs or large scale production, we are equipped to fit your needs. We are committed to research and development, traveling the world to bring the highest quality, safest ingredients to our lab.

Our private label service includes low-quantity start-up packages that allow you to take advantage of our expertise to build your own personalized brand from scratch. Our experts can develop and engineer products to your unique specifications or help you determine what new, innovative products consumers and retailers are craving. We will assist you in this process from initial concept to final formulation. Our team of design consultants can work with you to bring all of your brand ideas to life.

Fox Tail Distribution

Our Pledge

We strive to make your product a success and pledge to protect your recipes and formulas. All of our products are produced in an FDA registered and inspected ISO 6 clean room. We have years of experience manufacturing heavily regulated products and we keep those standards in place for all of our manufacturing processes.

We deliver in a way most can only promise. We lab test at each step of manufacturing, from procurement to distribution, only using fully-accredited third-party laboratories. We always use the highest quality raw materials on the market. As a family business, we curate products with the perfect blend of science and care. your vision, your brand and your product’s success are of utmost importance to us!

Fox Tail Distribution