Happy Henry's Blend CBD for Pets

At the Feel Good Factory we are passionate animal lovers. Among our team we have dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, fish and reptiles.

Their wellness and happiness is our priority.

Our incredibly effective and popular Pet Tincture and Treats are called Happy Henry’s Blend.

Happy Henry is a 105 lb. Doberman / Boxer / Chow mix.

He was a shelter dog that was adopted by a family unaware of how big he would get and how much training and exercise he would require. He spent most of the first five months of his life in a small crate or outside by himself. Most of his human contact involved getting yanked around by his collar.

The family finally admitted they couldn’t handle it and wanted to return him to the overcrowded shelter. His aggressive behavior and intimidating size surely made him a candidate for euthanasia. We found out about him before he was sent back to the shelter and rescued him from the family.

He spent the first few weeks intimidating every animal and human he had contact with. He’d show his teeth and growl, while all the hair on his back stood up.

Genetic Predisposition

His genetics (we had him tested) make him very serious about guarding. He naturally guards his food, his toys, the house, the yard, his family, just about everything. He also was not able to eat near other pets because of food aggression. He could not be lead by his collar. Henry had trouble socializing with other animals without becoming aggressive. Henry would have anxiety attacks when he needed to go in the car. He started destructive behavior as soon as we brought him home, chewing shoes, walls and anything else he could get.

We brought him to a behavioral therapy veterinarian. In the beginning he was so intimidating to the other animals they wouldn’t let him stay in the waiting room. They always brought him right into a treatment room.

He was diagnosed with severe anxiety and aggression, so he was prescribed Prozac and we committed to learning a series of relaxation and training techniques for him.

Even though he knew our vet very well he would not tolerate getting his nails cut. The vet techs tried, in teams of four, several times, with no success. With his jumping and aggression his nails were really becoming dangerous.

We knew that we didn’t want to keep him on Prozac, so we mastered his training and started him on CBD. At first we had to sneak it in his food, but then we developed the blend we sell today. Henry and many other users LOVE the way it tastes and will just take it straight from the dropper or eat treats right out of our hands!

Within a short of amount of time we completely stopped the Prozac and our vet was amazed at Henry’s progress.

Fast Forward to Happy Henry and his CBD Journey

These days he willingly lets us put his collar on for walks, sometimes he goes to work with Dad. He loves trips in the car and has not been destructive. He is sweet with adults and children and knows several commands. He is no longer aggressive toward other animals and he loves playing with his kitten, Marley. He loves his mobile groomer and gets his nailed clipped by her regularly.